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Cinera is the assasin of Osiris army and the psychoraptor who gave body DNA for the creation of Sniper.


Cinera is a lean adult female raptor, her body fur is blue from her back to her mid and her underside is white with "?????" head and tail color, her claws are bacl and foot paws white. She wears black leather belts around her body wich holds onto knifes and bombs with diffrent purposes.


Crimson is the fourth to join Gins group and comes from the desert city _______ which he was lord mayor and master of. however Gin and the other made him chose to join Gins nobel and intresting quest. After he leave he leaves the task of control of the city to his assistent Vita









Ficus is a human and the owner of Nari before she joined Gin´s group

he was killed when Burakku attacked Emera bay, rionicly by getting crushed under his own auction house.


Ficus is midtall and wers a dark red shirt and blue pants, his hair is a mix of purple and red with some black dye in the mid. His eye color is unknown since he allways have his eyes closed.



riffel shooting, he was good enough at aiming to hit Scythe when he Naria dn Gin escaped.




Gin is the main protagonist of Kitai and the following "??????" series and the leader of the "rebel" pack

that fights Osiris´s rule.

Gin is a young male psychoraptor introduced in the first chapter and appears in most of the serie


Gins fur coat is all white exept for his head and tail hair, he got black clas and bright almost ice blue eyes and white teeths, he is overall lean and a little muscular build he is also one of the smaller members of his pack been smaller than both Scythe and Nari but is almost the same size as Senju,


Wind/light "Divine Dominuxos"

wind slicer - Gin lashes out with his claws creating compressed shockwave attacks whitch ís potent enough to cut deep into flesh wood or thinner metal

Extreme speed - Gin manipulates the wind that surrounds him and makes him very light and incresses his speed vastly, this is seen as a white light dashing over the field. Gin can use this to either attacking or escaping, however it requires alot of focus and energy and thus he cant keep it up for long.


Gins first character sheet was drawed much thinner and he was all light blue with dark blue eyes but he still had black hair and claws.

Gin was first thought to be possession "light" divine powers only and absolute, but it was deiced that it would be to "boring" and didn't have enough material to work with











Nari is one of the sub protagonist following Gins pack and serve as proctetor and locastic she is the second female character to be intruduced next to Zin,


Nari is a almost white with a creamlike brush all over her coat,



Earth/Darkness "Divine Dominuxos"

Osiris is the prime evil in the first session of Kitai and is even after her death the strongest psychoraptor that have ever existed.


osiris is an all white female psychoraptor with a light shade of blue. She have jet black markings all over her body which she implies herself that they represent a new generation of demi gods where she will be the all sovereign master. her claws are white and her eyes are yellow. The only ohter dark on her body is her hair, Osiris have black hhair that goes to her middel back.






Sniper ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Scythe is the third prontagonist to be introduced in Kitai and are with Gins group


Scythe is a large sized male psychoraptor who meets and joins Gin. Scythe are allmost fully brown/dark orange colored raptor. He has a very spiked black and green hair that goes down to his back and have one long peice hanging down his face. He got black claws. His eyes has no iris and hes got the pupil of a snake/demon and also got a scar down his left side under the eye. Scythe also has a small green tail fan acompanyed by a blade on it. Scythe have two large axe head looking blades under his arms colored black and metal chrome.


Scythe starts out as a rather unfreindly person but ends up been a very good and loyal freind towards his pack mates. Scythe are mostly strubbon and fast to act "and anger" but can in times be causius, seen in emera bay. Scythe holds a great hornor towards his race but keeps it too himself as he knows his race position in the world. Been only him and Armageddon known to be left of the blade carriers. Scythes many years traning have made him very hard and is a tough person deal with. he will let his blades talk before he do himself.

Scythe fights with a mixture of raw power and cutting techniques which creates very strong attacks that dose their job by either destroying or slicing the target.


Blade carrier

Three bladed technique:

Scythe is a master of swordsmanship and of his own unique style. hes able to not only fight and defeat opponants but also use his swords as a strong deffense.


Scythes traning has made him very strong. his strong enough to carry both Nari and Gin and are able to deflect and hold one of Spartos tentacels.


Scythes blades are not made of any known matrial, but it has been named Cyrotanite and is supposed to be indestructible and is it is said by some to be made of a solid form of the divine force that is in some chosen blade carriersand will form as blades. these blades are strong enough to withstand even explosions and can " with the right owner" slice even the hardest of matrials in two or more

More to come


Sparto is the first antagonist to be introduced in Kitai and serve´s as well as the introduction to divine powers hidden within himself Gin and Nari.


Sparto is a medium sized male Psychoraptor who works for Osiris as a messenger and recruter He has a almost black fur coat with a lighter gray fur on his under that goes from just under his head to the start of the tail. He got rather spiky balck hair that runs to his shoulder´s On his tail tip he got a small tail fan of black fur aswell. he got deep blue eyes and has a tatoo unde his eyes and have black claws.

PERSONALITY: Sparto is a very loyal and strong fighter and his only wish is to be osiris´s messenger/weapon/left arm of killing and seeks to do anything to get closer to his goal making him sometimes seem almost fanatical and tends to lose focus on his current task.

Sparto is has rather calm on the outside and is often seen as a calmly yet sadistic person who carefully points himself into whatever he sees as his target. he doesn't hesitate to kill any creature if its needed or he feel for it. However he also likes to intimidate his opponent and see their reaction. Sparto is also a rather good tactician, able to realize when one tactic is better than his own. Seen when Sniper suggest a tricking attack.

However when enraged Sparto gets insanely furious and uses whatever ability to end his opponent's life as messy and bloody as possible. As to show dominance over everyone and everything he often uses his tentacles to lift himself up to not only get the high grounds but also as another way to intimidate a opponent

Spartos fighting style is a defense type with a ranged variety of attacks this would be his tentacles. His not a very good close combat and prefer to watch from afar and let his arms do the work. however when all other options are out he can deal some nasty damage with his claws and teeth "spikes when in sin concealing eye mode"

ABILITIES: 'Dark Earth Tentacles':

:Sparto can summon several tentacles from the ground in many forms and size´s, with spikes or large thorn featuring, depending what he deems needed for the situation. The tentacles are made out of a combination of unknown energy and the earths energy to form these tentacles. They are very strong as seen when two normal sized tentacles tear´s a rouge raptors boy up and afterwards rip another rouge raptor right over.

Sparto can also increase its hardness to create a "bluff arm" to save energy for another attack and again he can make the next tentacle very hard, hard enough to penetrate or destroy a large stone pillar.

Release mode: Sin concealing'''' eye At this mode Spartos left eye chance figure form his normal blue eye to a black pupil with a dark blue iris's and are covered with a dark plamage that seams to move inside the eye. Also, small teeth like arms gets out from the eye hold to "grab" hold of his eyelashes as to hold it open and keep it from closing. Sparto also grows three bony Ebony spikes from his shoulders which grows backwards.

in this mode Spartos strength increase to a much higher level than of a normal psychoraptor, he is strong enough to block Scythes front attack and kick him away to gain some space.

Sparto is also able to control up to seven tentacles at time without having trouble with focusing as his tentacles now "sees what he sees"

My spine:

Sparto canalize allot of power and attempts to create a very large Tentacle covered with large backward spikes and in the end it has a axe shaped spearhead, the arm itself could remind of a large spine. This attack is strong enough to make large craters in the ground and are also able to knock out Gin for a few seconds just by hitting, It can also be used as a gigantic shield seen when Sparto protect his eye From Gins divine wind attack.


Sparto´s will and power is seen in the battle between him and Nari, Gin and Senju by breaking Nari´s "time freeze" with sheer power making him a strong first foe to be defeated and is/was one of the strongest for a long time before they encountered one of the elected five "this been Armageddon"

Spartos name can be referred to the name sparta ironically they share the same ferociousness

Sparto is the first of the antagonist to die

Spartos sin concealing eye have small thorns to keep his eye from closing. however he have been seen closing it a few times when fx. hit by attacks.

Sparto was the third of the four first characters to be created The first two been Gin and Nari and the fourth was Zin

Sparto were redesigned two times before been released

Spartos marking was first made blue, but was later recolored

His favorite color is dark blue his least favorite color is pink and light red

His favorite food is raw and fresh deer meet "He also mentions that he have nothing against enjoying a nice lump of kinsman meat. making Sparto the third raptors to been a cannibal the two rouge raptors been the first ironical Sparto killed those and properly ate some from them"

Spartos dream is to show everyone what his capable of and become stronger than anyone and be the absolute dominant creature except for osiris.









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